Friday, January 24, 2014

HK odds and ends

Okay, here are a few odds and ends photos that I'm posting - don't really want to put them on the regular blog for all to see, but maybe just here on the family one. 

 I think we should have a family contest - enter your idea for a caption for this photo.  Here's mine: "You want us to do what?"

 This is our 8th floor working group - pic taken just before Christmas in the lobby in front of the tree.  Far left front row is Jaymi - the secretary - behind her is Jayson one of the Chinese financial employees whom we bug with questions all the time. Next to him is Norman Chia - Welfare Manager. We knew him in Singapore. He came over to Johor Bahru and secured a  building and started the renovating for the new branch and then was transferred to China. My... we never thought we'd see him again and then guess what - here we are working in the same office now. Next to him is Elder and Sister Dodson - humanitarian couple - this is their 5th mission - 3 in HK, one in Beijing, one in Austrailia. He is very smart, capable and valuable to the Humanitarian dept. Next to them is the Lasson's. Came shortly after us - also humanitarian. They're right across the hall from us and we really enjoy them. And last is yours truly. The humanitarian dept used this picture for their Christmas card.

 Who'd ever think - this last week I had to buy a coat. Yup, my little cardigan sweaters just aren't enough in this very cold winter weather - it's in the 50's. This is the lobby area on the 8th floor right outside our office.
 Took this pic at the outdoor flower market. Always a fun place to go. These are everywhere now. They're ornamental orange trees used in decorating for Chinese New Year - next week - we get two whole days off plus Saturday and Sunday - hoorah!. We're going to a Chinese New Year Parade on the Victoria Harbor promenade next Friday night Garald is going with several other senior elders to get in line at 4:00 A.M. tomorrow morning to get tickets.  Now that sounds fun, doesn't it. I'll be staying in bed.
 The extremes in clothes here - oh my. Took this pic of a coat in a store window. Pretty interesting, don't you think! Maybe you could fly in it.
 And how about this dress - also in the big International Finance Center Mall - The window shopping is quite fun. The price tags are astronomical.
 This is a tree they just put in our apartment building lobby for chinese new year. It replaced a live Christmas tree that was here last month. This is a cherry tree and we understand it will have leaves and blossoms on it soon.
 This is Candy Lau in the pic - our new area self reliance manager. One very smart Chinese lady. She is so very capable. She took us to lunch this last week at a nice little Thai restaurant. We hadn't been there before, but it was quite yummy.
 I liked this picture of a man at the Tai O fishing village - selling dried fish.
This was actually at the flower market also. This lady is roasting chestnuts in the coals and selling them on the sidewalk. There was also an oven by the coals where she was roasting sweet potatoes. Also for sale.
 We walked home from the ferry on the promenade tonight - such a cute little Chinese baby. And the picture below I took on the ferry - thought she was also such a pretty Chinese face - I took a better one facing me, but got it during a blink. Oh well.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Maternity and Baby Photos

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful photographer in the family. I wanted to share these pictures with you that Katie took. She does such a wonderful job!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dottie is in the House

My mom came in on Saturday and will be with us for 3 whole weeks. How exciting is that!!! On Tuesday we went to the thanksgiving point garden with Katie and her girls.
The other night my mom and I watched Devan give the twinners their baths. I love that they both took pretty much the same picture.
A few other pictures...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Tire Swing

Our Saturday up in Draper. After the yard was done Sam and Devan put up this tire swing. They got the idea from the one at the Gregory Farm. Lily just hanging out on Grandma's floor. Betty flew in Friday. She walked in the door grabbed Lily fed her, got her to sleep. Then she grabbed Ethan, finished feeding him and got him to sleep. She is an angel. I LOVE HER!!! Ethan getting a sweet kiss from Sophie. We spent the afternoon at Sam and Massiel's. Lily fought sleep the whole time. She finally feel sleep while laying down in Sophie's play tent. Here is a video of the tire swing. Just click the link here... TIRE SWING VIDEO